Here are some questions people have when they are considering Speedgolf for the first time. There is nothing wrong with being nervous your first time. If you’ve been having some of these “what ifs”, maybe this will help you get over the hump.

What if I’m not sure I can finish a round?

In a nine hole round of Speedgolf, you’ll go about 3 miles, stopping to hit golf shots along the way. There’s no rule that says you have to run every step in between shots. If you need to walk, that’s OK.

If you have trouble finishing nine holes walking, then you should probably work your way up to Speedgolf.

What if I’m a non-traditional golfer (older, younger, different color, different gender, differently abled)?

If you can play golf and go 3 miles, you are welcome at TC Speedgolf. The #1 rule in our Code of Conduct is ‘Be respectful of others’, because encouraging more fitness through golf is what we are about.

What if I think I’ll look stupid?

Everybody misses putts and duffs shots. Everybody sweats when they exercise. It’s normal to feel embarrassed when you miss more shots than you expect, or when you produce a lot of sweat.

If you play Speedgolf all summer, your golf game will improve and you’ll probably look more like an athlete than when you started. Most people would consider that an improvement.

What if I stink at golf?

Unlike traditional golf, there is more than one way to be successful in Speedgolf. Some people go all-in on speed, and it looks more like field hockey than golf. There is nothing wrong with that.

If you shoot more than 80 shots for 9 holes, you might not be ready for Speedgolf.

What if I need to pass someone (or let someone pass me) on the course?

Passing happens in Speedgolf. It’s more common in tournaments than in casual play.

If you want to pass someone, yell “Fore!”. The person in front of you will get out of the way. You can hit as soon as you feel like it’s safe. The person being passed yields to the faster player.