TC Speedgolf Rules


The purpose of TC Speedgolf is to encourage fun and fitness through the game of speedgolf.


Be respectful of others

Treat everyone you encounter with dignity and respect. That includes league members, other course customers, course staff, and anyone else you interact with.

Keep the golf course in good condition

Replace your divots in the fairway. Fix your ball marks on the green. Don’t set your golf bag down on the green. We play this course every week, and it’s our responsibility to keep it in good shape for everyone.

Obey the rules of golf

USGA rules apply with the following exceptions and clarifications:

  1. Roll it in the fairway. A limited adjustment is allowed to balls as a result of shots that land in the fairway. A player may move or roll their ball out of a bare spot or divot without loss of stroke.  This exception applies only to the fairway of the hole which is in play at the time.  This adjustment is limited to 8 inches and must never be made toward the pin.
  2. Play lost ball and/or OB as a lateral hazard. Out-of-bounds shots are to be played by the lateral hazard rules. The player must drop the ball at the point where the ball crossed the out-of-bound markers and accept a penalty stroke. If a player cannot find their ball, they may drop at any point on their previous shot’s line, also with one penalty stroke.
  3. Max score = double par. Players are allowed a maximum of double par per hole. Upon reaching the maximum, a Player must pick up their ball and record a score of double par for that hole.
  4. No equipment on greens. To keep our golf course in good condition, players may not place or drop bags/clubs/equipment (other than the ball) on the surface of the putting green. Violations incur a 1-stroke penalty per incident.
  5. Finish with all equipment. Players must finish their round with all of their equipment through the green of the last hole played. The penalty for leaving equipment on the course is 1-stroke per incident.
  6. Clock starts at your tee time. The start time for each player’s round is their official tee time, not the moment they first strike the ball. An exception will be made if there is a delay on the course.
  7. Passing. Passing a player is unique to Speedgolf. If a player wishes to pass another player, the player wishing to pass shall signal (ex: by calling “Fore”) to the player he wishes to pass. At that point, the player being passed shall immediately move aside and allow the faster player to pass. Failure to
    yield to a faster player will result in a 1 stroke penalty. Additionally, if the passing player indicates that the player being passed may move forward, then the player being passed may proceed, regardless of the position of each player. If the passing player does not  indicate that the player being passed may proceed, then the player being passed shall wait until the faster  player is out of range of the next shot before he proceeds. In either instance, the player being passed must always yield to the player passing.
  8. Uncertainty. Speedgolf is different than traditional golf in that time is of the essence, and therefore makes playing two balls impractical. In the event that a player is uncertain of the rules, the player may drop  anywhere on the line of his previous shot under penalty of one stroke and continue. Alternatively, a player may also play from the spot of his last shot under penalty of one stroke (stroke and distance).